Board Members, Staff, Core Team Leadership

Board Members, Staff, and Core Team Leadership

Barbara Mathers-Schmidt Chair, Leadership Team;  Member,  Interfaith Board
Joyce Pedlow Leadership Team;  Member, Interfaith Board
Cari Griffith Leadership Team
Sidney Evans Leadership Team
Susan Jancic Leadership Team
Paula Tarleton Leadership Team
Konrad Kocsis Leadership Team
Roland Trenouth Leadership Team
Marta Hand Leadership Team
Carolyn Roy Family Promise Program Manager
Marikka Matheney Case Manager
Robert Bell Transportation Coordinator and Hospitality Liaison

Meet one of the Leadership Team members:  Cari Griffith

Small seeds grows into a reality:

Cari Griffiths was one of the first people to believe Family Promise might have a home in Whatcom County.   When asked how it grew from a vague notion to the reality of our doors opening April 2nd, Cari said that God has been planting seeds for years. She first heard of Family Promise several years ago.  The former pastor of her church, Northlake Community Church, had recently become the director of Family Promise in Spokane.  Hearing about the program for the first time was the first seed God planted. Cari was excited because “Family Promise is about being obedient and doing what God asks us to do.  And God asks us to take care of and offer hospitality to people in need.  Family Promise allows us to offer hospitality to streangers in a safe and comfortable environment”  

Almost immediately, Cari went to Carolyn Roy, the Care Ministries director at Northlake and an eventual Interfaith staff member. Another seed was planted.  The two women were excited but unsure about where to go from there.  They decided to talked with the staff at Interfaith Coalition because they believed that Family Promise was” a natural springboard for what Interfaith was already doing in our community.” 

From here on, seeds were being planted at a furious pace.  “Interfaith is so connected and got us off the ground so much quicker than we could have done on our own,” Cari said.  Interfaith plugged them into the larger community of Whatcom County people concerned about homelessness. In September 2016 they scheduled a meeting of community members who might want to be involved in the creation of Family Promise of Whatcom County.  As an outcrop of this meeting, a core group was assembled and began to seek out congregations and other volunteers who wanted to be involved.   

On April 2nd, the many seeds God has planted will bear its first fruit. The first families will be welcomed into the doors of Family Promise of Whatcom County.  Cari Griffiths is so excited she can hardly wait.  “We are offering hospitality which will hopefully open the doors to fellowship and relationship, thus changing both the givers and recievers in profound ways!  A passion got lit in my heart and I so grateful to be a part of it.”