Family Promise Volunteers Come Together to Replace a Stolen Car

Sadly, one of our families had their car stolen and damaged in January.  These kind of things can throw a wrench into any families’s plans but can prove devastating to a family without back up resources. Without her car, this mom was unable to get to work and was threatened with the loss of her job and, consequently, her housing. 

Pastor Gary of Crosspoint Church in Lynden shared this family’s need with his congregation. Candie Vanderpol and her son, Brady, and their family said they had a car they would love to donate.  While the car ran well, some repairs were needed and a call for donations to make that happen went out.

Within a week, Family Promise received ample donations from CrossPoint Church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Lynden United Methodist Church, Hope Lutheran, and some individual donors. Marlin’s Auto Service and Louis Auto Glass in Lynden wonderfully agreed to do the necessary repairs at discounted costs. Through the kindness of strangers, the cost of all the repairs and the title transfer were completely covered! Family Promise of Whatcom

On Tuesday of that same week, Brady’s wife BJ drove the car up to Lynden, where it was worked on the next day. The good as new car was delivered to the family less than two weeks after we first learned about the stolen car. As an added bonus, Brady and BJ got to have great conversations with their children about generosity, community, and helping each other. 

“We are so blessed to be able to get this mom back on the road, literally, and on her way to getting housing for her family,” said Candie.

Thank you to our generous community who saw a need and stepped up.  They made a real difference of one of our Family Promise families.