Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our first year anniversary of Family Promise of Whatcom County at Our Shine Celebration. 

Within Interfaith’s Family Promise, each of us does our part. Your individual effort may not seem like much, but all our efforts together, over our first year, transformed lives.

“No other program changes its volunteers as much as Family Promise does,” says Carolyn Roy, Program Director. That’s because volunteers interact with guests face to face, hand to hand, heart to heart. Whether you’re helping a middle-schooler with homework, building a homelike space within a classroom, or greeting a traumatized adult with warmth and courtesy, you are transforming lives.

Here’s what you helped accomplish the first year:

• 67 people served (44 of them children)
• 7.5 weeks on average from homeless to stable housing
• 850 volunteers trained

What makes transformation possible is that volunteers treat guests with kindness and respect, over and over, no matter whether the guest is able to accept it.

“That love is so important,” Carolyn says. “It’s important to keep reaching out with love, no matter the response, no matter whether you think you’re having any impact.”