Family Promise family moves into own apartment

Family Promise family moves into their own homeWe recently had the honor of helping one of our families move into … wait for it … their own home! They had submitted a rental application, but when COVID-19 hit Washington, the process was understandably delayed.

The family, a mother and her two young daughters, had been part of Family Promise for six months. The mother had faced many hardships, including having her car stolen and totaled last December. Our community quickly rallied and helped replace her car so she could continue to get to work. We have to note her willingness not only to ask for help, but to accept it. We’re grateful to have developed that trust between us.

But back to this family’s big move! Their excitement to be moving into their own home was contagious. With just a few hour’s notice, two of our dedicated volunteers, Greg and Jill Gosda, had their trailer hitched up to their truck and loaded with furniture to be moved. They even got their son and his girlfriend in on the action.

As life so often goes, this family’s car broke down in the middle of the move (does moving ever go smoothly?) Fortunately, our Program Director’s husband was able to fix the car before the end of the day so the move could be completed.

A long journey, a few more hitches along the way, but a mother and her two girls have a home that is bright, cheerful, and their own.