Family Promise Day Center

day-center-for-homeless-whatcom-countyThe home base for families is the Day Center, where parents work with a case manager, children get picked up for school, and families have access to showers. Guests use the Day Center from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm to care for preschool children, shower, do laundry, and seek employment.

  • Many guests are employed during the day and children go to school.
  • The Family Promise Day Center provides guests with a mailing address, a home base from which to conduct their job and/or housing search, an a pick up and drop off location for all school age children.
  • The Family Promise Manager and the Case Manager have offices at the Family Promise Day Center. They are available to assist the guests and to help them connect with support services and employment opportunities.
  • A Family Promise van transports guests from the congregations to the Day Center.