We are a local response to a
national crisis, helping homeless
families build new lives.


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Tune in Friday to your favorite NPR station to hear about Family Promise!
Tune in Friday to your favorite NPR station to hear about Family Promise!
November 27, 2019
Two  Family Promise graduates have partnered with StoryCorps on NPR so that they can tell their own personal story.  In addition, they will tell the story of the Family Promise program and h
Family Promise Giving Day was a great success!
Family Promise Giving Day was a great success!
October 10, 2019
Thank you to all who participated in this first annual event.   Families from across the country came together to support families experiencing homelessness.  Your support was critical and w
October 2, 2019
This October, Family Promise of Whatcom County will participate in Family Promise’s first Giving Day, a one-day online event to raise awareness of Family Promise and the crisis of family hom

We know that people across Whatcom County experience homelessness.  We see it in the city, we hear about it in the county, and we long to do something to help.  The Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County’s FAMILY PROMISE Program, is working to provide shelter, meals and community to families experiencing homelessness.  In the 2015-2016 school year, approximately one of ever 26 Whatcom County children experienced homelessness for all or part of the school year.  Families are sleeping in cars, out in the woods, or on the floors of friends, facing fears about how to keep their children safe and well fed.


Family Promise is an exciting program where congregations host homeless families at their churches and synagogues for a week at a time.  Volunteers provide meals and fellowship for our families, in addition to a place to lay their heads. During the day, families go to the Family Promise Day Center to work with Family Promise case managers who will provide comprehensive support services. Transportation from congregations, to school, and to the Day Center is provided by a Family Promise van for families without their own car.

As of August 2019, our local Family Promise chapter has sheltered 23 families – 82 individuals, including 55 children in our Family Promise program since opening. The average stay is 8 weeks. In addition, we continue to connect these families with employment opportunities, health care advice, legal advice, child care, and more.



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