Please Note: Due to COVID-19 precautions, our families are being hosted in separate “motel rooms” at a static site that a local congregation graciously gifted to Family Promise of Whatcom County. These accommodations include beds, microwave, mini-fridge, separate bathrooms and closets. This set-up allows our families to stay together while at the same time maintaining safe distancing protocols. Our support and host churches are continuing to deliver food a couple of times a week. In addition, arrangements have been made for separate, off-site housing in case quarantine becomes necessary. Thank you for continuing to support our families during this time. sign up exness Your care is needed more than ever.

Night Without a Bed was a Smashing Success!

With 23 teams and 301 donors, you helped raise $23,653! That’s $13,653 over our goal! Thank you to every team member, donor, volunteer … everyone who participated, helped spread the word, and donated. We’re helping families who are experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County connect with the resources they need to learn new habits, build self-sufficiency, and work toward stable housing.


People across Whatcom County experience homelessness.

Family Promise, Whatcom, VolunteersWe see it in the city and in the county, and we long to do something to help. The Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County’s Family Promise program, is working to provide shelter, meals and community to families experiencing homelessness. In the 2015-2016 school year, approximately one of every 26 Whatcom County children experienced homelessness for all or part of the school year. Families are sleeping in cars, out in the woods, or on the floors of friends, facing fears about how to keep their children safe and well fed.

Family Promise is an exciting program where congregations help families experiencing homelessness by providing meals and connection for our families.

Since opening in 2018, our local Family Promise chapter has sheltered 35 families, including 41 adults and 77 children. The average stay is eight weeks. In addition, we connect these families with financial literacy classes, through the Whatcom Dream, the Parenting Academy, through Brigid Collins, medical care connections and referrals, through Unity Care NW, legal advice, child care, housing connections both privately and through housing providers, and more.

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Family Promise family moves into own apartment
Family Promise family moves into own apartment
May 27, 2020
We recently had the honor of helping one of our families move into … wait for it … their own home! They had submitted a rental application, but when COVID-19 hit Washington, the process was
COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 Update
May 4, 2020
Due to COVID-19 precautions, our families are no longer being hosted on-site by our group of host congregations Thankfully, a local congregation has graciously agreed to provide rooms for o...
“We are all so truly blessed to be part of Family Promise”
“We are all so truly blessed to be part of Family Promise”
April 29, 2020
As I was preparing for this quarantine Family Promise week, I started sending out Save the Date reminders a month ahead and quickly got back responses saying, “Just let me know what you need